PLSXML Documentation


The PLSXML package provides a class for parsing PLS-CADD XML files to pandas.DataFrame for manipulation with Python.


The package may be installed via pip by running the below command:

pip install plxsml


Once installed, data may be loaded from XML files or ZIP files containing XML simply by passing the XML and/or ZIP paths to the PLSXML class.

from plsxml import PLSXML
paths = ['folder1/xml_file.xml', 'folder2/']
plsxml = PLSXML(paths)

The data will be loaded into various pandas.DataFrame based on the XML file table names and assigned to the class. For more detailed information, see the example notebook.


Most reports in the PLS-CADD suite can be exported to XML by right-clicking and selecting the export to XML option. It is also possible to export an XML file containing data for an entire line through the File menu. XML files for an entire line can be large (several GB); therefore, archiving the resulting XML to ZIP can greatly aid in transferring the file across systems and save disk space if the file is more permanently retained. The PLSXML package is also able to read data directly from ZIP files for this reason.

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